My name is Mohamed, I’m 40 years old, single, I live and work in Sudan, my professional career is in medicine, I’m physician working in a petroleum company, my passion is photography, I fall in love with it in 2009 during my visit to Malaysia where I bought my first DSLR, since then I started it as serious hobby,  I have much to learn in this creative field, the road of photography is full of amazement, secrets and charm, it beauty lies in the fact that we are in endless pursuit for our perfect photograph, there is always a better photograph ahead to capture, the sky is the limit for our vision, imagination and creation, a picture can demonstrate the unseen beauty of otherwise apparent ugly things, I never thought a fly has this beauty until I have seen a macro shot showing its amazing details and colors. Lastly, I hope you will enjoy my humble works and please , remember your constructive criticism  and comments are my fuel.


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